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Marko Bjelonic




#Artificial Intelligence
#Motion and Path Planning
#Hybrid Locomotion
#Optimal Control

I am a PhD researcher at the Robotic Systems Lab of ETH Zurich focusing on motion control and planning for wheeled-legged robots in rough terrain. The supervisors of my PhD are Marco Hutter from ETH Zurich, Stelian Coros from ETH Zurich, and Sangbae Kim from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Topic of my PhD

Hybrid Locomotion: Exploiting the Advantages of Wheeled-Legged Robots on Varying Terrain (Reuters Press Release) (RA-L2021.pdf) (ICRA2020-Presentation.mp4)

Traditional legged robots are capable of traversing challenging terrain, but lack of energy efficiency when compared to wheeled systems operating on flat environments. The combination of both locomotion domains overcomes the trade-off between mobility and efficiency. Therefore, we present a novel motion planner and controller which together enable a legged robot equipped with passive or powered wheels to perform hybrid locomotion, represented by an appropriate combination of driving and stepping maneuvers.

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