Call for contribution at full day workshop "Towards Real-World Deployment of Legged Robots" at ICRA 2019 (May 23/24, 2019) in Montreal, Canada.

Workshop website:

Invited speakers:

Kevin Blankespoor [Boston Dynamics, USA]; Prof. Sangbae Kim [MIT, USA]; Prof. Marco Hutter [ANYbotics/ETH Zurich, Switzerland]; Prof. Stelian Coros [ETH, Switzerland]; Dr. Andrea Del Prete, Prof. Ludovic Righetti [MPI, Germany]; Dr. Rafael Cisneros, Dr. Mehdi Benallegue, Prof. Fumio Kanehiro [AIST, Japan]; Prof. Jonathan Hurst [Agility Robotics, USA]; Dr. Olivier Stasse [CNRS, France]; Prof. Aaron Ames [Georgia Institute of Technology, USA]; Prof. Claudio Semini [IIT, Italy]; Dr. Avik De [Ghost Robotics, USA]; Xingxing Wang [Unitree Robotics, China]; Dr. Jerry Pratt, Dr. R. Griffin [IHMC, USA]; Prof. Luis Sentis [University of Texas at Austin, USA]


Bjelonic [ETH Zurich, Switzerland]; Dr. Dimitrios Kanoulas [IIT, Italy]; Prof. Krzysztof Walas [Poznan University of Technology, Poland]; Dr. Marco Camurri [University of Oxford, England]; Dr. Navinda Kottege [CSIRO, Australia]; Dr. Eiichi Yoshida [AIST, Japan]; Dr. Andrea Del Prete [MPI, Germany]; C. Dario Bellicoso [ETH Zurich, Switzerland]; Dr. Tirthankar Bandyopadhyay [CSIRO, Australia] Prof. Maurice Fallon [University of Oxford, England]; Prof. Ioannis Havoutis [University of Oxford, England]; Prof. Marco Hutter [ETH Zurich, Switzerland]

News “ICRA 2019 Workshop” from IEEE Spectrum:

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